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Hello, Soldiers


Greets, WO2 T.Anderson

James Fisher Very nice
Worrall. T Just a few things, we'll need 3 people for Radio Operators, someone who CAN use Radios very well. If your experienc...

For All those who has not seen it yet here are our loyal new comrades that are gonna help 
us fight the Krauts back to Berlin.

Three times hurah for these new comrades.
Hip hip Hurah Hip hip Hurah Hip hip Hurah 

Now to the new recruits welcome to the 2 Parachute Regiment i hope you will enjoy your stay 

Frede / Thomas Kendall "For All those who has not seen it yet here are our loyal cannon fodder that are gonna help us fight the Krauts...
Worrall. T Very well done Anderson, looks really professional!
Frede / Thomas Kendall I look great (And the guys in the red berets of course )
Good day to you all, and thank you for joining the 2nd Battalion. Many of you have come here as you were ex-members of the 28te Jager Division, some of you were invited here by friends and some out of pure curiosity. No matter why you came here, you will all be treated with equal respect, have equal opportunities and have the right to a say in what happens within the unit.

Firstly, I'd like to make sure that all members know how to log in to our TeamSpeak 3 server. The IP for the server is: and you are expected to join with your full realism name, to avoid any confusion.

Secondly, our server should be completed within the next few hours. The amount of times I have said this is worrying, yet having little experience with ArmA 2 server hosting made it all quite tough. Rest assured that I am pouring every effort into getting the server up for Saturday, where our first training session will be held!

This brings me quite smoothly onto my third point, training. Our initial training will be held at 1900 GMT, and all of you are expected to attend. However, if you have an issue with attending, please contact either me, Second Lieutenant Holt, or your Company Sergeant Major, Anderson.

My last point is that we have a weekly game give away, allowing me to give you something as a thank you for remaining with the unit. There are ways to gain extra chances, as you will see if you read the rules on the thread at: 2pararegiment.enjin.com/forum/post/last/m/16073053/viewthread/8301731-weekly-game-giveaway

Lastly, I'd like to thank certain members for their extended efforts in the early stages of the unit. WO2 Anderson has dedicated many hours to getting the rank pictures, assisting with the website, sorting out the TeamSpeak and generally being there when I needed him.
I'm glad to have back all the old members of the 28te, and glad to see new faces; people who were there after I left, or people who have joined our community for the first time.

I look forward to working alongside all of you.

- First Lieutenant Michael Wrenn
Officer Commanding
1 Coy, 2nd Btn
The Parachute Regiment

Aaron[FH] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOeYPpOblAw O'er the hills and o'er the main To through Flanders, Portug...
James Fisher Yes sir!
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